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March 14, 2016 - 10:03am
Martin Dobrovolny


My cooperative company gave me the EMC02 Beacon kit with Raisonance Rlink (probably Standard version). I’m able to compile project, but there is no way to program the beacon due the code size limitations to 16KB.

When I’m trying to use Rflasher7 - I get an error message: Rflasher7 is not available for C816 family.

Is there a way to reflash the EMBC02 Beacon with my Raisonance Rlink and my current licence?

My licence:

Ride7 standard version

Rkit-C816 for Ride7 Litle Suite

ELF-C816 Loader Litle (16Kb code limited)

C816 Simulator Litle (16kb code limited)

With the serial number dngGASPS0000245, you have requested the generation of an activation code for RKit-C816 for the UI903-DESKTOP computer. Please put the following activation code in the license dialog box. - Activation Code: CC84FB0E-573FF8CA-6BFA69F1-D730B734


Licence and error messages:

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March 14, 2016 - 2:50pm
Etienne Cassin

Rflasher is not available for CoolRISC devices, please use EM6819_pgm.exe provided at Raisonance\Ride\bin directory