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April 14, 2017 - 10:17pm
konrad marcin


My name is Konrad. I started my adventure with ARM end encountered difficulty.

I have problem with STX Rlink programer.

My tools: 

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Ride7_7.64.16.0244
  • RKit-ARM_1.64.16.0245
  • STX-RLINK rev 4
  • STM3210E-EVAL rev D

Problem description:

When I tried activate (License) Ride7. Help>License>Dongle Activation. Ride7 return statement: "The Dongle is not detecte. Please make sure thet the device is plugged in. Of course Rlink is plug in.(pwr diode is turn on).  I have installed drivers to Rlink properly(according to manual).  When I go into Cortex Debug Optins (Options>Prooject Properties>RLink Configuration>Click here to open options dialog box) an click on Connect to Debugger pop up window with communicate:

"RLink Serial numbe is:"dngSTD000...  This tool can be used for Cortex devices without limitation. Do you want to configure this project to use_only_dngSTD000....."

and busy diode is tern on in this moment. I confirme Yes. After this a click on Connect to Target button an received window with information "Connection OK ...........Measured Target Voltage : 3.3V."  After that I can for example: erase flash, Write flash, debug itd.

But I still can't confirm license. Help>License>Dongle Activation. Ride7 return statement: "The Dongle is not detecte.

What I doing wrong?

I will be grateful for any ideas.

Sorry for my english. I did my best.



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April 18, 2017 - 9:55am
admin admin

Hello Konrad,

To register you RKit with the RLink, you must go to Help/License/RLink Activation


Raisonance Support Team