Topic : Cannot program ST72F321BJ9T6 with either RFlash7 nor STVP using STX Rlink

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November 2, 2017 - 7:41pm
Loi Nghiem

Hi ,

I just bought 2 STX Rlink for replacement of the old STICK programmer.

With my old STICK programmer, I have to set the Option Byte  to get E7, 45

But when Itried to erase the IC it gave me error like: Unable to install the ICP driver in Ram on SFlash7.

On the STVP it gave me error like cannot communicate with device etc...

In some case it can erase but gave me error that the erase has failed and cannot reprogramme the board any more.

Could you help ASAP.

Thank you.

Loi Nghiem

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November 20, 2017 - 10:48am
Lamjed Mtimet


The error can not communicate with device, must cases is related to your hardware:

  1. please check your are selecting the right MCU
  2. The adaptator switchers
  3. The Rlink driver 

We need more information in order to help you, Ride 7 version RKit-STM8 version ...