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March 7, 2020 - 1:59am
Daniel Germann

Some of the recent ST NUCLEO boards (e.g., NUCLEO-H743ZI2) have a newer embedded ST-LINK/V3 debugger.  The Raisonance tools do not seem to work properly with ST-LINK/V3.  Whenever I try to connect to the target CPU, I get the error: "Cortex Driver Error" / "The detected STM32 firmware version (V3.J0) does not support the SWCLK frequency selection.  Default frequency kept.", and none of the operations (read, write, erase) work.  It seems like the ST-LINK firmware version check is not checking the major version (V3), and is only checking the minor version (J0).  The same thing happens with ST's newer STLINK-V3SET debugging interface (which makes sense, since it's essentially the same thing in a box).  Are there any plans to support the ST-LINK/V3 debugger?

Also, what about support for some of the newer STM32 CPUs (STM32F730, STM32H750)?  And what about dual-core CPUs like the STM32H745 and support for the FPU registers in the debugger?  I have been using the Raisonance tools for many years (since 2007!), but it seems like they are becoming obsolete because they aren't being actively maintained / enhanced anymore.

Thank you.


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March 16, 2020 - 10:02am
Raisonance Support


    Thanks for using the Raisonance tools for so long. We do tend to focus on supporting devices that are requested by our customers, so hearing from you is very important. Thank you. 

Today, our software and RLink debugger/programmer support over 250 named STM32 variants covering all of the current product lines including STM32F7 and STM32H7 devices.

ST-LINK (V1 & V2) support was added in past years as resources permitted, in a marketing effort to allow our users to work with the Discovery and Nucleo from Ride7. V3 support may be added, resources permitting. We'll post an update of this situation here.

We do not currently plan to add concurrent debugging of dual-cores. To date, we have had very few requests for this. All of your requests are transferred to the STM32 integration engineer. If there is any update, we'll post here.

For new device support, please do request devices through the support database (click Support>Report Issue). The integration team will do what they can to provide support for new STM32 devices. Most recently, such a request lead to an early release of RKit-ARM in January 2020. We can't say we'll always be able to respond so quickly, but if it is possible, we'll do it.

Thanks again and we will provide a follow up post here.

Best Regards,