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March 31, 2022 - 1:59am
youngwug jang

I have Ride7(7.70) & Rkit-51(6.20) installed on win7.

Even if “TOWERS” of the example is compiled, the .a51 File cannot be found and does not change even if many changes are made.

Is there a program that I need to install additionally or is there a way to create one in CMD?

If you look at the video above, you can see C & ASM side by side (fantastic).

I came to know RIDE by watching the video above, but it is very difficult now.

Thank you.

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April 1, 2022 - 1:15pm
vincent choplin


You can tell the compiler to output a .src file instead of a .o file:

Settings / RC51 compiler / Compiler Output / Format output of the compiler

Then you can use the src file as input to the assembler.

I hope it helps.

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