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August 9, 2022 - 12:33pm
Juanjo Ciscar


   We're developing STM32 projects with Ride7 + RKit-ARM with an Rlink using JTAG and an enterprise dongle license since 2014 aproximately. Most of our projects were done with the STM32F2 family. Nowadays we need to change to a different family, the STM32H7 and we don't know if we are able to use our current environment. I read this sentence in this forum "Today, our software and RLink debugger/programmer support over 250 named STM32 variants covering all of the current product lines including STM32F7 and STM32H7 devices." in an answer from the raisonance support.

Please, could you tell me if is it possible and how could we do it (software updates, .....)? The most important thing should be to keep with our Ride7, RLink, etc.... without to many changes.

Thank you very much.

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August 16, 2022 - 10:15am
Raisonance Support


    You can download the latest versions or Ride and RKit-ARM on this page of the web site:

The latest versions do not require activation of the "Lite" license. So, you can download and use the software freely with a debugging limitation of 32 Kbytes of code.

For your Enterprise dongle from 2014, you will likely have to update the support contract to activate the latests versions of the software. You can purchase the support extention here:  

Regarding the support of the STM32F7 and H7 devices, the following variants are supported as of RKit-ARM version

  • STM32H743 /  STM32H753

  • STM32F722

  • STM32F723

  • STM32F756

  • STM32F746

  • STM32F745

  • STM32F765

  • STM32F767

  • STM32F768

  • STM32F769

  • STM32F777

  • STM32F778

  • STM32F779

We haven't seen a lot of demand for H7 devices. If a variant is not explicitly supported, let us know in the support "Report Issue" section of the site. There may be a workaround for supporting the variant.

Hope this helps.