*** New targets supported:

. Add support for SPC560P60, SPC56AP60.
. Add support for SPC564A70.
. Add SPC5EL60 single-core debugging.

*** Improvements:

. Implement USB dongle serialization method.
. Add option for reducing maximum JTAG clock speed.
(use for long lines or parasited signals)

*** Fixes:

. Correct management of options for ignoring memory regions.

*** Supported microcontrollers:

. SPC560P40, SPC560P50, SPC560P60, SPC56AP60.
. SPC560B40, SPC560B50, SPC560B64.
. SPC563M60, SPC563M64.
. SPC564A80, SPC564A70.
. SPC5EL60.

(programming and single-core debugging only.
multi-core devices can be debugged, but only using core 0)

*** Supported configurations/platforms:

. Windows 7 32-bit
. Windows 7 64-bit
. Windows Vista 32-bit
. Windows Vista 64-bit
. Windows XP SP3 32-bit

Other versions of Windows, including Windows 2000, Windows XP 64-bit and Windows Server, are not supported.
Administrative rights are required in order to install this software.
Only native versions of Windows are supported. Emulators such as VMware, QEMU, Citrix, Wine, Xen (or others) are not supported.