The RKit-PPC is an obsolete product and no longer benefits from direct support, correction or updates.

If you already have a license, you can continue to use it 'as is' and within the limitations indicated in the release notes. All software versions are provided for download in the table below.

Download, Install & Activate

#1 Create your Support Account

  • Select Create an account
  • Complete the form, click on Create Account

A confirmation email is sent to you automatically.

#2  Download & Install the Software

Warning: Before running new installations, uninstall any previous versions of Ride7 and/or Raisonance RKits.

  • Download the latest versions the Ride7 and RKit-PPC
  • Install Ride7, then RKit-PPC

#3  Activate Your Software in Ride7

Your computer must be connected to the internet to activate the software.

  • Launch Ride7
  • Connect your RLink or USB dongle to a USB port on the PC
  • Select Help > License...
  • Select Dongle activation for USB dongles, RLink activation for RLink tools then click on Next
  • Click on Get Activation code online

Clicking on "Get Activation code online" opens a browser window to the Raisonance Support extranet.

In the web form:

  • Confirm your username and email
  • Click on Generate and Send Activation code

An e-mail with the Activation code is sent to you automatically.

  • Copy and paste the Activation code into the field provided in Ride7
  • Click on Close

Ride7 and the RKit-PPC software are now registered and activated. You can confirm the activation of your RKit-PPC tool set. In Ride7, click on Help > About Ride7.