. Updated GCC to 4.4.7
. Correctly display remaining days of temporary licenses.

. Various GCC4 compiler engineering fixes:
. Removed improper optimisations of 16 bit operations to 8 bit ones.
. float/double encoding fixes.
. 16 bits to 32 bits with post-increment.
. Corrected section of small read-only data with -fdata-sections on.
. CMPA simulation wasn't correct when destination value was 0x8?
. Possible crash while loading ELF.
. Various GCC3 compiler engineering fixes:
  . Signed int right shift fix.
  . 16 bit comparison miss optimized because compiler used to improperly
 evaluate value in the accumulator.
  . 2010 fix on 16 bit left shift by 1 removed because leads to incorrect code.

Known issues:
. C: Float and double mix leads to inconsitent results.