Tools for compiling, programming and debugging application code with Ride7 for CoolRISC (C816) based microcontrollers

The latest RKit-C816 release supports components from EM Microelectronic and Semtech.

Software Download & Registration 

Installing the software

  1. Download both Ride7 and the RKit-C816 installation below.
  2. Install Ride7 and then the RKit

Registering the software

Software must be registered. If not registered, it can only be used for 7 days. After the 7-day evaluation, the software can not be used in evaluation mode any more. During the 7-day evalution users have access to full features of the Enterprise version.

Use the "RKit-C816 serial key generator" form below to obtain a free RKit-C816-Lite serial key. It allows activation of the software to compile without limitation and debug code up to 2 Kbytes of instructions.

To register the software, the PC you install it on must be connected to the internet. Launch Ride7 and select Help > License. In this interface you can register by providing either:

  • a software serial key provided at the time of purchase of your tools
  • a hardware dongle number

For unlimited debugging, purchase either the RKit-C816 Enterprise (Hardware Dongle or Serial Key) or a PRO version of your debugger (if available, depending on the target device).

If you have installed this software by accident and need to return to a previous version to continue working, you can download the old versions from the table below.

Public Serial Key Generator

You need to login or register to access this functionality.