. New STM32 devices support. (F4, F0, L100)
. EFM32 devices support.
. Open4LAB v1.0.8 and new SD card files:
EFM32, LM3S, STM32L, new STM32F devices support in standalone.
. CircleOS version 4.61: Support for Open4-STM32F429.
. Important improvements in debugging performance:
Avoid GUI overload when watching very large structures, etc.
. Many improvements and fixes.

New Targets:

. STM32F401xB, STM32F401xC
. STM32F030x4, STM32F030x6, STM32F030x8, STM32F031x4, STM32F031x6
. STM32F072x8, STM32F072xB, STM32F078x8, STM32F078xB
. STM32L100x6, STM32L100x8, STM32L100xB, STM32L100xC

. EFM32GGxxxF1024, EFM32GGxxxF512
. EFM32GxxxF128, EFM32GxxxF16, EFM32GxxxF32, EFM32GxxxF64
. EFM32LGxxxF256, EFM32LGxxxF128, EFM32LGxxxF64
. EFM32TGxxxF32, EFM32TGxxxF16, EFM32TGxxxF8, EFM32TGxxxF4
. EFM32WGxxxF256, EFM32WGxxxF128, EFM32WGxxxF64

Open4-LAB / EvoPrimer-LAB update:
. Firmware version 1.0.8 and new SD card files for standalone modes...
. Support for EFM32 devices.
. Support for LM3S devices.
. Support for STM32L devices.
. Support for new STM32F devices.
. Support for STM32 hardware watchdog activated by Option Bytes.
. Reset target before exiting prog mode.
. Fix programming of STM32F4 Option Bytes.
. Fix erasing of some STM32F4xxxI applications.
. Fix handling of erase and configuration errors.
. Fix internal memory corruption after exiting Monitoring mode.

. CircleOS version 4.61: Support for Open4-STM32F429.
. Improve refreshing of data and watches during debug
to avoid GUI overload (requires Ride version 7.48 or higher)
. Typedef names and pointers to function are now displayed in the
watch/inspect views.
. Implement erasing of STM32 applications
with Hardware Watchdog enabled in the Option Bytes.
. Makefile generation (requires Ride version 7.48 or newer)
. Product Counter feature added in RFlasher and Cortex_pgm. Allows to
write a unique number in each piece during production programming.
. Only relink (not rebuild) after changing a linker option
(requires Ride version 7.48 or higher)
. Implement SWD to JTAG switch sequence. Allows (on some devices only)
switching back to JTAG after performing some SWD communication.


. Fix registration on first execution after installation.
. Fix default STM32L Option Bytes.
. Fix displaying of STM32L and STM32F4 Option Bytes.
. Fix programming of STM32F4 Option Bytes.
. Fix checksum: uniformize behavior for all devices and tools:
exclude Option Bytes and include EEPROM.
. Fix software crash at start of debug of some STM32F4 applications.
. Fix erasing of some STM32F4xxxI applications.
. Fix software freeze at viewing (in watches or tooltips)
of some large structures.
. Fix displaying of checksum in RFlasher.
. Document command A (Analysis: Checksum) in Cortex_pgm.
. Fix handling of assembler dependencies files.
. Fix RFlasher STR9 Read and Verify when Bank 1 is mapped at address 0
and Bank 0 is not empty.
. Fix source-level stepping over line that includes both return
and a call to a function that takes a long time to execute.

Obsoleted Features:

. Specific support for Phyton CodeMaster-ARM compiler toolchain removed
from RKit-ARM for all license versions (Lite and Enterprise).
Phyton CodeMaster-ARM compiler users can still use the toolchain
from Ride using the Makefile toolchain feature.