New features:

. Support of ST-Link/V2 to program and debug STM32 devices using SWD.
JTAG, SWO, ARM7, ARM9 and ST-Link/V1 aren't supported in this release.
. Integration of new version of GCC for ARM: 4.8.3, providing better optimization, LTO and other improvements.
For more information, see the GCC release notes:
. GUI controls to LTO, newlib-nano and other new GCC options.
. New version of Open4-LAB firmware (1.0.10) and SD card files.
(see below)

New Targets:
. STM32F401xD, STM32F401xE
. STM32L151xE, STM32L152xE
. STM32F302x6, STM32F302x8


. Support of enumerated type elements in debug watches.
. Debugger supports also Dwarf 4 format.


. Corrects ELF loader support of typedef to void!
. Corrects PDKGEN7 Error opening registers.
. Fixes NVIC ISER Registers.
. Corrects usage of weak attribute in Ride libraries (io_putchar, ...)
. Fixes registration check in Cortex_pgm.
. Fixes programming of STM32F07x Option Bytes.
. Corrects error message that occured when trying to read the checksum from a read-out protected device.
. Fixes Save command (in fill/save view) in 16- and 32-bits dump views.
Previous version saved wrong data.
. Fixes reset after hot plug. First reset command was ignored.
. Fixes data modification after hot plug. All write commands were ignored before first reset.
. Fixes import of Keil projects. Previous versions failed to translate most options.

Open4-LAB / EvoPrimer-LAB update:

. Firmware version 1.0.10 and new SD card files for standalone modes.
. Adds programming number limitation management.
. Adds product number management.
. Adds choice of reset target or not before exiting prog mode.
. Adds target Vcc in Monitoring Graph View.
. Fixes user cancel during all programming operations.
. Some miscellaneous HMI improvements.