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RKit-51 Version Release Notes 2012/03/27
Copyright (c) 1995-2011 Raisonance S.A.S. All rights reserved.

Thank your for choosing Raisonance development tools for your microcontroller

These are the release notes for the Raisonance toolset called RKit-51, which
in conjunction with the Ride7 integrated development environment supports
application development for 8051 microcontrollers.

These notes include specific information about RKit-51, including current
version, supported device families/sub-families, new features, fixes and known



SECTION 1 General information
A. Supported configurations/platforms
B. Supported microcontrollers

SECTION 2 Version history

SECTION 3 Known limitations

SECTION 1 General information

A. Supported configurations/platforms

Raisonance toolsets and Ride7 operate on Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit),
Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit) and Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only).
Other versions of Windows, including Windows 2000, Windows XP 64-bit
and Windows Server, are not supported.
Administrative rights are required in order to install this software.

Only native versions of Windows are supported. Emulators such as VMware,
QEMU, Citrix, Wine, Xen (or others) are not supported.

B. Supported microcontrollers

RKit-51 offers supports for the following microcontroller families:
. Micronas HVC2480A
. Silabs derivatives:
- C8051F316, C8051F317, C8051F332, C8051F333, C8051F334, C8051F333,
C8051F335, C8051F336, C8051F337, C8051F338, C8051F339, C8051F360,
C8051F361, C8051F362, C8051F363, C8051F364, C8051F365, C8051F366,
C8051F367, C8051F368, C8051F369, C8051F411, C8051F412, C8051F413
C8051F340, C8051F341, C8051F342, C8051F343, C8051F343, C8051F344,
C8051F345, C8051F346, C8051F347, C8051F348, C8051F349, C8051F34A,

The Raisonance RKit-51 supports all 8051 "standard" cores.
However, the extended 8051 cores such as '251, MX or XA (which have
16-bit extensions) used to be supported by older Raisonance products but
are NOT SUPPORTED anymore.

A complete list of supported variants in these families is provided in
Ride7 when installed with RKIT-51 (including free versions).

SECTION 2 Version history

RKit-51 (Released 2012/03/27)


. unsigned long to float translation wasn't correct when 31th bit was
. Two #pragma asm sections with a if statement in-between weren't
properly handled.

RKit-51 (Released 2011/10/07)


. Implement USB dongle serialization method

RKit-51 (Released 2011/09/08)


. Linker supports absolute reserved segment in data memory spaces.


. Simfiles directory name correct. Used to be 51 whereas it must be
. Configuration files reworked to remove characters leading to troubles
on unicode-based machines.
. The I2C peripheral was not working in the simulator on unicode-based
. Remove some software crashes.

RKit-51 (Released 2010/11/05)


. In C function parameters, const attribute used to be lost when used
with arrays.


. Improvement of generated code source.

RKit-51 (Released 2010/06/29)


. Macros larger than 255 used to hang the linker.
. Algorithm used to improve 32 bit division speed when denominator
size was 16 bits wasn't accurate in some cases.

RKit-51 (Released 2010/05/19)


. Added in linker options High Byte XRAM pointer setting option.

RKit-51: 6.4.53 (Released 2009/09/02)


. Supports Micronas HVC2480A
. Supports new Silabs derivatives.
. XDATA is not locked anymore to 64KB for supported Silabs derivatives
which have more than 64KB.
. Adapts header path as some derivatives have changed from Philips to
. Corrects error message when stack is full to give more significant


. Fixes scanf for incorrect return value that occured when using %s.
. Fixes sign lost in BDC to int conversion.
. ACC register was not saved in interruption on which it is used.
. Fixes incorrect comparaison occuring in specific cases between
function parameter variable and local variable.
. Fixes incorrect interpretation of Intrinsic function _putbit second
The variable value could be used instead of its address.
. Fixes XBYTE access optimization. In 2 sequential accesses to the XBYTE
array, the second one was imporperly optimized.
. Fixes incorrect views of IO ports for LPC. The LPC port views
displayed wrong information when some pins are unused.
. Fixes crash that occured in some cases where a brace was replaced by a
. Corrects improper dependency display that occured when dependency
files contained spaces.
. Fixes setjmp/longjmp use. Due to the lack of CS option on the
assembler command-line for SETJMP and LONGJMP, those routines were in
the libraries but were not avaiblable for the complier.
. Fixes longjmp return value. When the value passed to longjmp as a
second argument is zero, 1 must be returned.
. Fixes strcat return value. According to the C standard, strcat return
value must be the destination pointer whereas previously it was at the
end of the destination pointer where the source was added.
. Fixes useless loop variable initialization. The iteration variable
wasn't initialized even if it was to be used afterwards.
. Fixes arrays in the handling of nested blocks in mode auto
. Fixes Port P4 declaration on 80C552
. Fixes linker crash with SO directives when the parameter (segment
name) does not exist.
. Fixes linker crash that occured when an object file provided in a
response file (@file) wasn't found.
. Fixes SO directive segment number limitation, only three segments
could be specified.
. Fixes debug issue with the use of step after some breakpoints.
. Fixes float library standard support.

SECTION 3 Known limitations

Project settings
. Project and file names and paths must not contain special characters
such as comma (","), semicolon (";"), parentheses ("(" or ")").
. In Ride6 projects, the address offsets used to have an implicit
conversion to hexadecimal. For instance, a code offset of "0200" was
automatically translated to "0200H" by Ride6. Ride7 does NOT perform
this automatic conversion, hence when importing Ride6 projects,
you have to manually convert the memory offsets to hexadecimal when
In the example above, you have to change the code offset in Ride7 from
"0200" to "0200H". Note that the "0x0200" notation is also available.

C Compiler

. Expression !a | !b, where a and b are int, is coded as a | b where it
must be coded as !(a & b )

Library manager

. The library manager (LIBOMF.exe) can hold a virtually unlimited
number of references within a library file. However, its command-line
handles a maximum of 63 input modules through a single command.
If you need to handle more than 63 files through an ADDX, DELETEX or
EXTRACTX command, you will have to split your commands into several
smaller ones, which take less than 63 modules each.
This limitation will NOT be fixed.

. The ROM-MONITOR tool which was available in earlier versions of
Raisonance tools for 8051 is NOT supported in Ride7.

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