Tools for compiling and debugging application code with Ride7 for 8051-based microcontrollers.

Download, Install & Activate

If you do not activate the software, it will function for 30 days in evaluation mode. After 30 days it will stop functioning.

#1 Create your Account for this site

An email is sent to you automatically. Click on the link in that mail to enable your account.

#2 Use the Public Key generator below to create your serial key.

The serial key is what allows you to activate the software. It is sent automatically to the email provided for your account.

#3  Download & Install the Software

Warning: Before running new installations, uninstall any previous versions of Ride7 and Raisonance RKits.

  • Download the latest versions the Ride7 and RKit-51
  • Install Ride7, then RKit-51

#4  Activate the Software in Ride7

Your computer must be connected to internet in order to activate the software.

  • Launch Ride7
  • Select Help > License...
  • Select Serial Key Activation, click Next
  • Paste your Serial Key in the provided field
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Get Activation code online

In the web form:

  • Confirm your username and email
  • Click on Generate and Send Activation code

An e-mail with the Activation code is sent to you automatically.

  • Copy and paste the Activation code into the field provided in Ride7
  • Click on Close

Public Serial Key Generator

You need to login or register to access this functionality.