. Accepts comma after last item in enums.
. Correctly display remaining days of temporary licenses.


. Compiler used to improperly generate an error message on unions only
made of bit fields smaller than 8 bits.
. Silabs C8051F300 to C8051F317 weren't allowed to use the debuggers.
. Silabs C8051F0xx, C8051F1xx and C8051F2xx improperly configured to use
C2 communication protocol rather than JTAG.
. Removed an example for the NXP C669 that is dedicated to the 80C51MX,
that isn't supported.
. struct S { struct S *b[31]; } *s; s = s->b[0]; used to generate error
message 'Operand is not an l value' while it's a correct expression.