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November 7, 2019 - 3:01pm
Raisonance Support

Please note that the RKit-51 tools are no longer actively commercialized. This means that there is no direct support for these tools and there will be no future new releases.
You may continue using the compiler and IDE if you like. It is possible to generate a new serial key for the RKit-51 allowing unlimited code compiling.
Login on this support site and go to the RKit-51 download page:
Just click on the "Public Serial Key Generator" button to create a new serial key. It will be sent to you by email.
If you need assistance with the tools, please refer to the dedicated Forum and FAQ on the support web site ( or refer to the documentation that is provided with the software installation.
Best Regards,
Support team
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March 30, 2023 - 2:55pm
Shane Rock

I generated a serial key but when trying to activate in the software it says that it is invalid? How can I get it activated

March 31, 2023 - 9:41am
Raisonance Support


   Thanks for letting us know about the problem you encountered.

We just went through a test of the activation and the generated Serial Key worked correctly and activated the Enterprise license with the latest versions of Ride7 and RKit-51.

Please try requesting an activation code but be sure to:

- Install the software in order Ride7 then RKit-51

- Installs both software packages completely (there is a pop up window at the end of installation, and when you open Ride7 it displays the intalled tools and the license which is "Evaluation" prior to activating another license).

- Use the activation with Serial Key option

- There are no spaces before or after the serial key after you copy and paste it into the field for the serial key.

- That you are using a serial key for RKit-51. Sometimes people who have more than one toolset installed, get the serial keys mixed up.

If you don't resolve the problem, go to the support section of this web site and use "Report Issue". In that area, we can exchange serial keys and activation codes, and verify your serial key is a valid one.

Thank you again.